Winter skin care can last until April. Although spring comes, there will still be cold days in which we will need increased and adequate care. In order not to feel the effects of cold weather and wind, improve your routine with these 10 natural tips to keep the feeling of young fresh and soft skin.

Stay hydrated

By maintaining hydration, your skin will naturally follow your example. If you have a problem to remember that you need a certain amount of H2O, try to make a habit by putting a reminder or downloading some of the applications in your phone, which will remind you to drink a glass of water.

Change your moisturizing cream

Use a rich, moisturizing base during the winter months. This will help keep the water in your skin and keep it up with moisturizing lotions. As always, select organically or at least know the ingredients of the selected product!

Hydrate with a humidifier

Winter naturally brings low humidity, but heating at home can reduce the moisture of your skin. Invest in a good humidifier, and place it in your home to keep moisture at a higher level.

More vegetables in the diet

Cucumber and celery naturally contain plenty of water – This makes your perfect allies, especially when trying to keep yourself and your skin hydrated, and they’re great for your line. Orange and yellow vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, red peppers and gourds, are great for your skin because of the antioxidants and beta-carotene they contain. To increase the consumption of vitamins A, B and E, iron and omega-3 fats, add a little spinach and other dark leafy vegetables to your dish, such as rabbit and prokelye.

Consume omega-3 fat

Note that your hands and your fingers are dry and dehydrated. If you notice that they are not soft and smooth but are harsh, this condition may indicate a deficiency of omega-3 fat. These essential fatty acids are most commonly found in salmon, olive oil and walnuts.

Avoid chemical soaps

Not only is your skin your biggest organ, it is also very porous – which means that what you put on your skin is likely to get into your body and bloodstream. Plus, antibacterial soaps, and skin-care products that contain alcohol or are misogyable, remove the natural fats on the skin.

Avoid great heat

We all feel great in the hot water bath during the winter, but some of us have a habit of exaggerating the temperature. Water heat mixed with soap or shower gel depletes the natural oils of your skin. If after your shower, your skin is red and irritated, it’s a sign that the water has dehydrated your skin.

Occasionally use coconut oil

Virgin organic coconut oil serves as a highly effective skin care product. Coconut oil is fighting against free radicals, probably due to the high levels of ferrule and p-coumaric acid, and their natural antioxidant properties keep the skin young, fresh and hydrated. Let’s not forget that this oil is great for hair care!

Drink pomegranate juice

This refreshing red fruit is packed with polyphenolic antioxidants, which not only combat free radicals in the body, but many studies claim that it can prevent cellular aging.

Gently exfoliate the skin

As the body ages, its natural ability to regenerate and create new layers of youthful skin slows down. The gentle exfoliation will remove the dead cells from the surface of the skin and replace it with fresh, shiny skin. Practice exfoliation of the face and body at least once a week.

10 tips for natural winter skin care!

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