This diet is based on reduced calorie intake and accelerated metabolism that burns the increased amount of fat

The first variants of this three-day diet occurred in the late 80’s and were called a military diet, a naval diet, and the like. They share a three-day duration and a loss of 10 or more lbs in three days.

Most variants include the consumption of a large amount of tuna and vegetables and ice cream at night by drinking at least four glasses of water.

The diet itself is very restrictive energy and promises a quick loss of weight for a short period of time that carries the risk of slowing down the metabolism and a consequent return of the pounds after the diet is over.

The only advantage of this type of diet is that it takes a short time, so there will not be a deficit of vitamins and minerals.

Repeat the following plan for all three days:

Breakfast: half a grapefruit, a piece of roasted bread, two tablespoons of peanut butter and coffee or tea (it is thought of tea with caffeine)

Lunch: half a cup of tuna, a piece of roasted bread, coffee or tea

Dinner: 100 grams of meat, a cup of green pea, half a banana, a small apple and a cup of vanilla ice cream.

A 3 Day Diet That Guarantees Results: You’ll Melt 10 lbs to Blink!

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