It’s time to do something good for yourself: start practicing today

Dr. Petar Aleksandrovich Popov is a Russian physiotherapist who managed to cure his waist after surgery. He is a former gymnast, psychotherapist and advocate of Oriental medicine, so he is very popular in Russia.

His way of training helped professional driver Oleg Kesselmann after injury and foot surgery to return to the competition in just 10 days.

This time, Dr. Popov proposes a very simple exercise that will help you quickly burn calories.

Exercise for fast-pounding kilograms

Doctor Popov designed the exercise by running a chair that would seem strange to you, but believe us that it is effective.

This way of running at the high chair is extremely hard training, because besides running you must balance it, otherwise you will fall from the chair. After a few minutes of running, you will feel as if you ran miles.

Benefits from this exercise:

  1.  It is suitable for all those suffering from varicose veins.
  2.  Develops a sense of equilibrium.
  3.  It is harder than any other exercise, because you balance and run, so you also melt the kilograms.
  4.  You will feel an accelerated flow of blood in the legs and back, and all muscles of the body will be activated.
  5.  Because it’s easy to jog, you can not injure your wrists.
  6.  Helps for proper function of internal organs.
  7.  Promotes metabolism.
  8.  Improves body posture. After a few days, your waist will be fixed, and the pain will decrease.

Dr. Popov’s advice is not to force you to do this exercise slowly. First, after a few minutes a day until you get a fit, then practice at most 20 minutes a day.

In the first days you get up on a small stool, and later you can also practice in the higher chair to balance better.

Take care of yourself and practice. If this exercise does not suit you, find someone who will give it to your body. Sitting is something that hurts the body and the brain the most!

Take a look at the video to see how to perform this exercise properly


A Russian physiotherapist discovered: Only this exercise can quickly melt your weight!

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