You do not have to cut your hair drastically

It is true that short hair visually reduces years, but definitely does not apply as a strict rule. If you’ve passed the 40th year, you do not have to cut your hair drastically to look younger!

We present the top 4 hairstyles that most rejuvenate women: two for long and two for shorter hair, so you choose what you like most according to the taste and shape of the face.

This type of flowerpot slightly spreads in the side and is ideal for women with a high forehead. In addition to removing the forehead from the forehead, this hairstyle acts refreshingly on the face and gives it a “softer” expression.

For women with dense hair, their forehead or longer beans are well laid out, but this hairstyle can be worn by women with less hair. But in that case, it’s important to create a natural volume. It is enough to make several waves in the hair, while the rest of the hair should not be too sticky for the forehead.

Pretty waves of medium length

Only one look at the lady with fire-hair Julien Moore (58) speaks a thousand words. This woman really looks great, but she does not give up long hair for years, so she deserves all our respect.

She knows exactly how to carry the waves of her hair type. It’s important to have a little wrinkled hair, not big untamed curls. This hairstyle is great for women with a round face, which also have natural waves.

How much longer is the hair, so the impression will be so polished. Before deciding to play half-length hair and styling it with waves, consult a hairdresser. If it turns out that the waves will quickly fall you down, and your hair will lose volume, it’s better to choose another hairstyle. However, the wrinkled hair is the one that gives a rejuvenating effect, and if it falls, it will just look untidy.

It is ideal for women who have untamable, irreverent, but firm hair. The point of this hairstyle is to keep your hairstyle as it is, regardless of what kind of move you make with your hand (whether you will go through your fingers through your hair, put a banner on one side, you will wake it up …).

Mila Jovovic is a great example of this hairstyle. Her bean with a patron on the side always looks flawless and at the same time leaves an impression of negligence, but in a good way, it is not untidy. Before you decide on this hairstyle, know that you will have a lot of work on styling, and its haircut once a month is an unwritten rule.

Finally they came in line and fans of short hair! Although this hairstyle itself looks a bit childish, women with such a hairstyle, such as Katie Perry, break all the stereotypes. Hairstyle Pixies requires serious maintenance. You need to go to a hairdresser once a week. Best for women with a faint and pronounced face!

Great Hairstyles For Women In The 40s: They Will Rejuvenate You!

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