Purification of the lymphatic system is carried out twice a year: autumn and spring

The lymphatic system is an important part of the immune system. Its function is to protect the body from viruses and bacteria. They are neutralized in the lymph nodes and thus prevents their uptake into the blood vessels.

When the lymphatic system is in good shape, the entire body works like a watch. However, due to its specific function, the lymphatic system is prone to accumulating toxins, so it is necessary to make its detoxification from time to time.

This is especially true of people with respiratory, cardiovascular and renal problems, as well as people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Detoxification of the lymphatic system

Oranges, grapefruit and lemon are responsible for purifying lymphs. These fruits are rich in vitamins and fruit acids that perfectly cleans the lymphs. Therefore, in case of colds or flu, it is recommended that you use this fruit that improves immunity.

Purification of the lymphatic system with the Volker method

Lemon juice must be clean, with no added water or sugar. Drink it with a straw in order not to damage the tooth enamel half an hour before the meal or one hour after eating. Then, wash your mouth with water in which you added a teaspoon of baking soda. It will neutralize acid in the mouth. To carry out cleansing the limes with lemon juice, you will need 200 lemons.

In about 12 days you will need to use about 201 lemons.

First day – use 5 lemons.
Second day – 10.
Third day – 15.
Fourth day – 20.
Fifth day – 25.
Sixth day – 25.
Seventh day – 25.
Eighth day – 25.
Ninth Day – 20.
Day 10 – 15.
Eleventh day – 10.
Twelfth day – 6 lemons.

In chronic patients, after the first treatment comes relief, then the disease can return. In that case, a shortened procedure should be carried out.

First day – drink lemon juice.
Second day – juice of 2 lemons.
Third day – 3 lemon juice.
Fourth day – 4 lemon juice.
Fifth day – 5 lemon juice.
Sixth day – 4 lemon juice.
Seventh day – 3 lemon juice.
Eighth day – juice of 2 lemons.
Ninth day – 1 lemon juice.
Over the course of nine days you will use about 25 lemons.

Juice of lemon, beets and carrots

Required Ingredients:

2 kg of lemons (with bark, but without seeds)
2 kg of beets
2 kg of carrots
2 kg of pomegranate
2 kilograms of cranberries


Drain the juices from each fruits and vegetables separately and then mix them. Add honey and leave it all in one folding bowl in the refrigerator. Take 50 milliliters of juice and dilute it with 50 milliliters of hot water and drink 10 g of every morning on an empty stomach. Then, take a break of 5 days. Repeat the procedure for drinking the juice for the next 15 days.

Experts recommend purifying lymphs with this juice twice a year, autumn and spring.

Lemon juice cleanses the lymphatic system: a Russian remedy that saved millions of people from severe diseases

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